Warm hands. Warm heart.
Hestra for UNHCR
Hestra is making its biggest donation ever. Children in refugee families are preparing for one of the worst winters ever. Temperatures are plummeting, it’s getting freezing cold and proper winter clothes and gloves are hard to find.
Many refugee children live in cramped conditions, badly isolated shelters and tents. UNHCR is working tirelessly to provide life-saving support such as warm winter clothes, gloves, stoves and thermal blankets to keep them warm and healthy.
For as long as we can remember, Hestra has donated gloves to those who need them the most. Winter 2020 is not an exception. This year we are giving away 10,000 children gloves. Our single greatest gift ever. The gloves are going to refugee children all around the world.
In association with the donation, we have also chosen to start a fundraiser to support the important work of UNHCR.