Philippe Raoux Mitt

169 EUR 35171-280

Color Navy


E-commerce is not available for Canada. To be able to buy gloves in Canada go to our distributor ROI Recreation.

Removable lining


Chrome free

Long and warm retro mitten in classic design. Palm made of Chrome-free Ecocuir Cowhide and a foam insulated backhand in durable cotton/polyester fabric with wax finish. Comes with a removable woolpile liner.


Alpine Pro

Alpine Pro gloves are inspired by freeriders, mountain guides, instructors, and others who place high demands on their gloves. Skiers and riders who ride in varied mountain terrain and weather conditions will find the right glove in this category.


Carabiner | Elastic at wrist | Handcuffs | Original HESTRA label from 1985 | Removable lining



Provides insulation and steadiness to the glove.


Wool pile

The pile structure binds a lot of air, which provides more warmth. 75% wool, 25% polyamide.

Outer material

Chrome-free ecocuir cowhide | Cotton/polyester fabric with wax finish
Chrome-free ecocuir cowhide

Chrome free tanned cowhide. Natural colour no dye added.

Cotton/polyester fabric with wax finish

60% cotton, 40% polyester.

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