Below you will find answers on our most frequently asked questions regarding our products, glove care and orders. If you don't find the answer to your question here, please contact us.

Product and size

Which glove size should i choose?

To find out your glove size, first measure the circumference of your hand using a tape measure. Then compare the measurement with the size table (unisex or female) that belongs to the glove model. Read more about size and fit in our size guide. Size guide

What is the difference between a women's model and a unisex model?

The women's models have a slimmer fit than the unisex models. If you have size 7 in a unisex model, we recommend that you choose size 8 in women's model.

Is junior size 7 the same as adult size 7?

No. They are made from different size tables. The main difference is that the junior sizes have shorter fingers than the adult sizes.

Are there different size tables for your baby and junior gloves?

Yes, there are different size tables. Read more in our size guide. Size guide

Should i have the same size in all three layers? (Liner, base glove and shell glove)

We recommend that you choose the same size liner, base glove and shell glove. If you have size 8 on the liner and basic glove, select a shell glove in size 8. However, if you want to choose a shell glove that is only manufactured in sizes 7, 9 and 11 , we recommend that you choose a shell glove in size 9. Some users prefer to wear a baselayer liner one size smaller than their main glove for a snug fit.

Do leather gloves stretch over time?

Thinner leather used in our dress gloves like peccary, carpincho, deer, elk and lamb nappa, will generally stretch over time. More durable and thicker leathers used in our sport gloves such as goatskin and cowhide generally do not stretch over time.

Do the glove shrink in size when exposed to moisture?

Leathers generally do not shrink when exposed to moisture. However, our wool linings, in some cases, can shrink if exposed to moisture, heat and fast friction in combination.

Which is the warmest glove?

The warmest gloves in our range are Army Leather Extreme mitt, article number 35161 and Army Leather Expedition, article number 3591. If you often have cold hands, we recommend that you read more in our guide 'how to stay warm. Guide - How to stay warm

Can I use my liner separately?

Some types of liners, for example the Touch Point Active (article number 34370), can be used as a lining, an extra layer for increased heat, or completely separately as a thin glove. Other types of liners, for example Pile Lining (article number 34321), are replaceable liners designed only for use in combination with a shell / base glove.

Do I get a handcuff / carabiner when I buy gloves from you?

Not all models include the handcuffs and carabiner. To determine if your gloves include these items, look under “Details” on the model's product page. If they are not included, these can be purchased separately. Note, however, that some models don't have an attachment point for handcuffs.

Are CZone and GORE-TEX same?

Both CZone and GORE-TEX are waterproof breathable membranes that make the glove waterproof. The difference between them is that CZone is our own membrane, while GORE-TEX comes from the GORE brand.


How do I wash my gloves and how often should I do it?

Leather should not be exposed to excessive moisture as it dries out the leather and impairs the quality. In general, leather gloves should not be washed. In the unlikely event that you need to wash your leather gloves, read more about how to proceed in our care guide. When it comes to washing gloves without leather, we recommend that you follow the washing instructions inside the glove. Wash and dry

I want to repair my gloves myself. Do you have any tips and advice on how to proceed?

Since we have a wide range of different types of glove models, made of different materials with different functions, we can not give any general repair advice. Instead, for repair advice for a specific glove style, we ask you to contact one of our Concept Stores or contact our claims department on returns@hestragloves.com. Enclose an image of your gloves in the e-mail for faster help.

I have a pair of dress gloves where the lining has broken. Can I replace it?

It’s possible to replace the lining in most cases, but not for all of our models. For guidance and help to replace the liner at a cost, please contact one of our Concept Stores or our Claims department on returns@hestragloves.com. Enclose an image of your gloves in the e-mail for faster help. Please note: This service is only available for customers located in countries within the European Union, including Norway. 

Can I use Hestra Leather Balm on my dress gloves?

No, there are other things you can do to prolong the life of your dress gloves. We recommend using Hestra leather balm only on sport gloves in goat leather and cowhide. Using balm on dress gloves can make the gloves sticky and inconsistent in color. Read more about how to take care of your dress gloves in our glove care guide. Guide - Glove care

How often should I use leather balm on my sport gloves?

Leather conditioner extends the glove life as it maintains the flexibility and durability of the leather. In this way, it prevents the skin from drying out and cracking. The more you use your sports gloves, the more often you need to lubricate them. Read more in our glove care guide. Guide - Glove care

Should I use Leather balm on my new sport gloves?

When the sport gloves are delivered from our factory, you generally do not have to lubricate them before the first use. If you bought your glove in a store where it may have been hanging for a while, the glove may need to be lubricated. Does the skin feel dry? Lubricate.

Can I use impregnation products other than Hestra's leather conditions on my sport gloves?

We do not recommend any impregnation products other than Hestra's leather conditioner for your gloves. Hestra’s leather conditioner prolongs glove life by keeping the leather from drying and cracking. Please note that Hestra’s leather conditioner does not make gloves waterproof.

My gloves changes color after I lubricated them with your leather conditioner. How can I get them back to their original color?

Lighter leathers will turn darker in color when you lubricate them with our leather conditioner. As the gloves dry and are used, the skin lightens again. However, it is not possible to fully restore the color if the gloves have become darker from the leather conditioner.

The color in my leather gloves is bleeding. Is this to be expected?

Some leathers lose color when exposed to moisture. This is because excess color from staining can release when the skin becomes wet.

Repairs & warranty

I lost my right / left glove. Do you sell single gloves?

Unfortunately, we do not sell gloves in broken pairs. Since we have an active assortment of over 400 models in different colors each year, we do not consider it physically, environmentally or financially justifiable to offer single gloves for sale.

Can I have my gloves repaired with you?

If you have a pair of HESTRA gloves that need to be repaired we can repair them to a cost (unless it’s not a warranty issue). You can either contact one of our Concept Stores or our Claims department on e-mail address returns@hestragloves.com and we will assist you. Enclose an image of your gloves in the e-mail for faster assistance.

Can I buy extra material for glove repair?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer any extra material for the repair of a glove. If you have a pair of HESTRA gloves that need to be repaired, you can either contact one of our Concept Stores or contact our Claims department on e-mail address returns@hestragloves.com and we will assist you.

I bought my glove from a retailer x number of years ago. Can I make a complaint about my product to you?

No. You should always contact the point of purchase if you want to complain of a product.

I have discovered that there is something wrong with my used glove, how do I make a warranty claim?

If you want to make a warranty claim, you can read more under Warranty.

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